Asymmetrical training

The absence or violation of symmetry that are either expected or desired can have important consequences within a self-defense system. Static range practice attempting to shoot perfectly sized groups is not perfect training to win a life-altering incident.
We stress asymmetrical self-defense training, with an emphasis on proficiency vs. familiarization.

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Code 217, penal code for 'assault with the intent to murder,' was started in an effort to pass knowledge to law abiding U.S. citizens wanting to protect themselves from a life altering incident. As an official NRA affiliate, we responsibly train students along positive gun sense safety protocols and disciplined real world experiences. As a Federal contractor, we provide our clients with the confidence and skill set to conduct their business anytime and anywhere. Fight back. Never give up. Train to win.

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Asymmetrical self-defense training, security and defense contractors.
Fight back. Never give up. Train to win.

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"“Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion."


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